First of all my dealings with Trish were a pleasure. I was worried about stressing over cooler bags and ice blocks and timing etc.. when really I shouldn’t have. Everything ran so smoothly I had no reason to worry. Contacted Trish a few hours before with an indication of when baby would arrive and were assured that she’d be on the road to us shortly and true to her word there was no delay.

My capsules arrived home even before I did! Beautifully packaged. I took the maximum dose (6 capsules) for the first week and maybe longer. I definitely had more energy than when I had my last baby (and I’m 6 years older for this one). Nights were just as sleepless but I really felt more able for them. My milk supply was good but I’d no problems with supply either the last time so don’t know if it made a difference.

I suffered awful blues/depression with my first baby. It went on for a very long time. Totally overwhelmed and constantly weeping uncontrollably! This time, yes I’d a few wobbly days but that’s all they were, wobbly days or even just wobbly moments during a day! Nothing like I had the last time thank god as I was really dreading it!

Two weeks later we had a hiccup and spent a week in hospital with a very sick baba. I thought this would break me and I’d be back to where I was the first time but no. I continued with the capsules and of course there were tears and a day of thinking “I can’t deal with this” but then fine and taking it one day at a time now.  All the way through I have received text messages from Trish with genuine concern as to how I was getting on.

All in all I would rate this as such a great experience! I would recommend it to anyone who was willing to give it a go. Totally worth it.

Thanks again Trish.

Ellen Collins. Co Kerry.

I had thought about encapsulation during my second pregnancy and was undecided till Trish contacted me. She gave me tons of information on the benefits of placental consumption and I decided that this was definitely something I wanted to do and was going to need all the energy I could get minding a newborn and a 19 month old!!!

Trish is extremely professional and easy to work with. She kept in contact as my due date approached and we had no problem following all the easy laid out instructions we got from her. I gave birth in CUMH and they were happy to help facilitate this.  I got my capsules the very next day before we headed home.

Since taking the capsules, I have more energy, my skin and hair are great, my iron levels are back to normal after 6wks with no multi-vitamin. I also believe that had I not been consuming them, I would have struggled more emotionally as my son was very ‘colicky’ from his 2nd week. I do believe that it not only aided in my physical recovery, but helped stabilize me emotionally and kept me from falling into complete despair when he was crying none stop (my first never cried)!!!
I would highly recommend Trish and her amazing and affordable service to anyone kicking around the idea. I know I’ll be returning if and when I decide to have another baby.

April Elder Ross. Co Cork.

Dancing for Birth Instructor

I had the pleasure of dealing with Trish 7 weeks ago when I gave birth to my daughter Amber.  Trish was a god send to me, so kind and professional.

I gave birth at 22.03 on Friday night and by 22.40 Trish had my placenta collected from the CUMH and I received my capsules on Saturday night at 9.30!!  Her swift action helped me in many ways.  I started taking her recommended dose straight away to help with healing and they did exactly that.

My milk supply was great and with coming home to a 2 year old I needed all the energy I could get!  My blood was extremely low leaving the hospital after a significant blood loss after birth and I was advised by my midwife and my GP to take a supplement which I really didn’t want do.  I relied on my capsules instead and 2 weeks later my blood count and iron were back to normal!

I really can’t highlight how good you feel when taking your placenta capsules.  It’s something you have to feel and see for yourself and I would highly recommend Trish for that service.

I will definitely be using placenta encapsulation for the 3rd time, if and when that time comes!!.  Thank you Trish.

Jessie Carroll. Co Cork

I’m so thrilled I decided to go ahead with placenta encapsulation tablets and also doing it with Trish who is extremely professional and helpful regarding any questions pre baby and also ensuring that everything was going well post baby.
I believe that the tablets gave me a great and very much needed boost of energy especially as I had an emergency C section. My skin was glowing and my hair was healthy looking, I really believe my recovery went so well because of them and highly recommend any expectant Mom to be to have it done.

Ashley Redmond. Co Limerick.

My beautiful baby boy Adam was born on the 15th of September weighing in @ 11lb 1.5 oz. Adam is my 3rd baby and in turn was my 3rd C-Section.

Having lost my dad in April and suffered mild PND with my second child I decided to do some research to try and get some help in preventing this happening this time round. All the arrows pointed to placenta Encapsulation.

From the first time I contacted Trish her professional, caring approach to her business was obvious. Her knowledge …in her field very apparent by the many questions I asked her. We were in contact leading up to D day and on the day of arrival she carefully took my package and 24 hours had my magic beans ( as I like to call them ) back to me.

As I mentioned before I had 2 Girls at home before I brought Adam home so our house is very busy but I can honestly say I had more energy than I had after my first 2 births and without any doubt felt I healed better and quicker and I put this down to these wonderful little capsules. Trish being her professional self checked up on me to see how I was doing on more than one occasion and i was so glad to be able to give her such positive feedback. My only regret is that I didn’t do this with on my first 2 babies but better late than never
Ann Duggan
Co Cork

Ann Duggan Co Cork

I am so happy I came across Trish’s placenta encapsulation service, from our first contact Trish was so helpful and friendly, and no question was left unanswered. What I thought might be a complicated process was made simple and straightforward with the comprehensive welcome pack… and even when our baby decided to come early and our planned home birth went out the window, Trish made it all very straight forward, (I must also add that the nurses and midwives in CUMH were very accommodating and open to the whole thing!) she arrived to collect the placenta only a few hours after delivery, and was back the next morning with my capsules. 
I really cannot recommend this highly enough! We ended up having an additional weeks stay in hospital, in and out of neo with our small boy, and whilst it was undoubtedly an emotionally and physically exhausting time, I really felt the boost from the capsules. I lost a lot of blood during labour and should have been a lot weaker than I was but I recovered really quickly and had no need of the painkillers being handed to me every three hours! My milk also came in faster than I had expected, and even the nurses were surprised that I was able to exclusively breastfeed and had enough of a supply to be able to express for any top ups required.

Throughout our stay in hospital, and even after we came home, Trish was checking in to see how we were doing and making sure everything was going okay. You couldn’t ask for a better service, or a kinder and more genuine practitioner!
Harriet Jones

Harriet Jones Co.Cork

After reading about placenta encapsulation and all its benefits, I decided I was definitely going to do it. I wanted to give my baby and myself a great start, and that it did. I have more energy than ever as I am still taking them. Although she is my first baby and I’ve nothing to compare it to, I honestly thought i would be a lot more drained but I’m loving it. My moods are great and my milk came on brilliantly. Trish was amazing, very professional and lovely to deal with. When, if and hopefully I have another baby I will most definitely be doing this again. Thanks again Trish xx

Toni Co.Cork

I cannot recommend Trish Carroll’s Placenta Encapsulation service highly enough. 

Trish provides a very professional service. From the moment I emailed her enquiring of her service she was very quick to respond and answered any questions I had. 

I had a difficult pregnancy throughout and had a c section as a result. On the day of my section Trish collected my placenta from CUMH within hours of my delivery and had my capsules delivered the very following day. She had them so well presented in beautiful packaging.

Following my c section I had complications again and started taking the capsules and I found them to benefit me a great deal. I feel I have more energy and I am able to function better despite being in alot of pain. They are definitely helping my recovery. 

Trish’s service is truly a must do. I couldn’t rate it or her highly enough.
Thanks Trish
Kelly xx

Kelly Co.Cork

I got in touch with Trish a couple of months before my due date. She explained everything to me and what was involved at the hospital. It was very easy to follow. We contacted her when we went into CUMH and after the birth and she collected the placenta within a few hours. I had the pills the next day. I couldn’t fault the service. 

As for the pills, I have nothing to compare as this is my first baby but I have found I recovered extremely well and was out for lunch 7 days later. I’ve been very lucky recovery wise and I’m putting that down to taking the pills. 

I would recommend Trish without hesitation. 

Catrina Co.Cork