How my service works

If you decide to go ahead it is all very simple – this is how it works……

  • Your complete a booking form giving me details of due date, and the service required etc.
  • I email you a Welcome Pack which includes details of what you will need for the hospital, Placenta Care and notes for your hospital file etc.
  • You or your partner contacts me when labour begins.
  • Again make contact with me when baby and placenta arrive.
  • We arrange pick up at the hospital or at home if a home birth.
  • I return your capsules within 2-3 days by hand, post or courier.


PLEASE NOTE: as birth is unpredictable there is always a chance I will not be available to pick up your placenta with in the first hours of its birth. You will be given a care document that ensures your placenta is cared for safely until it is collected.


What do I need to do to keep my placenta safe until the encapsulation?

Your placenta will need to be chilled to ensure it remains safe to consume after birth. Your placenta should be stored in a refrigerator at 8°C or below within 30 minutes of its birth. Hospitals may not allow you to store your placenta in their fridges, therefore you may need to store your placenta in a cooler bag surrounded by frozen ice packs.  Some midwives may allow you to keep your frozen ice packs in the hospital freezer during labour. Talk to you midwife about your options at your local hospital.


What will I need to buy as part of my preparation for Placenta Encapsualtion?

Please purchase these essential supplies before your due date to ensure safe storage of your placenta after birth. (5 Items)

New (large) re-sealable food storage bag

Placenta storage container – lidded ‘leak proof’ plastic container, 2-2.5 litre capacity, washed and rinsed in very hot water.

6 large, thick ice packs – frozen and ready for transport to hospital.

Plastic carrier bag to be used to ensure the ice blocks remain in tight contact with container

Cooler bag/box large enough to store the placenta storage container and ice blocks

Why should I choose a PRN Specialist for my placenta encapsulation? 

Professional – We are mothers, doulas, midwives and birth support workers who have experience with pregnancy, birth and post-natal wellness. 

Trained, Certified and Licensed – We are highly skilled having received practical and theory training. We hold a Certificate in Placenta Remedy Preparation from an accredited training provider, along with valid Infection Control, Food Hygiene and Hazard Analysis (HACCP) Certificates and receive ongoing CPD training and support. 

Best Equipment – We use high quality equipment to ensure you receive as many nutrients from your placenta as possible 

Health and Safety – Our training ensures that we deliver a safe and quality product to every client. We adhere to government health and safety and food hygiene regulations and our equipment is dedicated to the preparation of placenta remedies and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each client. 

Sympathetic and Understanding – We focus on the Mother; our Client Care package ensures your placenta encapsulation is simple and stress free giving you time to focus on your newborn and your recovery.