A little about me

My name is Trish Carroll, I’m originally from West Cork but I’ve been living in Midleton, East Cork since 2004 with my husband and 3 children.

When the kids were smaller I embarked on a four year Homeopathy course and qualified in 2012.  I love homeopathy and its natural way of healing and although I’m not in full-time practise I use Homeopathy almost every day.

My interest in Placenta Encapsulation is in keeping with my life-long passion for natural health and healing.  Homeopathy is brilliant for natural healing after birth but one word that kept coming up for me was “energy”.  Apart from healing in the early days after birth, Mums wanted something that gave them more energy.   Having researched the placenta I quickly came to understand that this amazing organ holds all the answers.

As the kids are now older and all in school, I am in a position to dedicate myself to something I love which is the energy of pregnancy and birth.  I feel nothing but pride to be offering this service to Mums in Cork and surrounding counties.

I am trained and certified by IPEN, (who recently changed their name to Placenta Remedy Network).

All PRN members have to complete an accredited training programme which includes  preparing placenta remedies.

In addition, ongoing membership to PRN is dependent on holding valid health and safety certificates.

  • Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety for Manufacturing which meets UK and EU legal requirements for food handlers.
  • Level 2 HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) to comply with the European Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs.
  • Basic Infection Control (non medical) to cover blood borne pathogens and cross­contamination